GD0TEP - Andy's Home Page 


Active on 6m since 1989.

QRV on 6m EME since 1997.



As you will notice, my main interest is 6m,  4m & 2m  (50mhz, 70Mhz & 144mhz). 




·         My QSL information is good on or you can use Club Log  here to search my log and request a QSL, either direct or via the bureau.


·         A WORLD FIRST ON 70MHZ!


·         70mhz EME initial tests prior to my world first

·         Weak signal EME using JT65 and CW modes   6m, 4m and 70cm.  last updated November 2015.

·         A simple GI7b amplifier for 50mhz  (updated April 2016 with Triode control board modification)

·         My Linear Amp UK GS35b 6m amplifier and modifications to cure design faults on it. Including TIP147 failures.

·         Prosistel PST61 rotator failure, and welding repairs.

·         My 50ohm coaxial 50ohm load. Great for those 'off air' tests

·         The GI7b Triode - Specifications.

·         50Mhz EME QSLs

·         Commercial 50mhz amplifiers Just what is available for us amateurs on the 6m band

·         Moon set limitations, looking west.

·         My Favourite DX cluster links

·         A windy day at IO74QD with the 6m11JKV

·         Some contacts that I've found difficult to confirm with a QSL 

·         Map of the World, squares worked (6m - 50mhz) last updated January 2016.

·         Map of the World, squares worked (4m - 70mhz) last updated January 2016.

·         6M11JKV pdf manual

·         The Northern Lights Contest Group, MD6V, MD4K, etc. 

·         Scatter on 50mhz - Audio file of DF9OX, have a listen.

·         The ARRL and the LoTW programme.








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