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Active on 6m since 1989.

QRV on 6m EME since 1997.



As you will notice, my main interest is 6m,  4m & 2m  (50mhz, 70Mhz & 144mhz). 




         My QSL information is good on or you can use Club Log via the search box here:-

         A WORLD FIRST ON 70MHZ!

         70mhz EME initial tests

         Weak signal EME using JT65 and CW modes   6m, 4m and 70cm.  Updated October 2017.

         A simple GI7b amplifier for 50mhz  (updated April 2016 with Triode control board modification)

         My Linear Amp UK GS35b 6m amplifier and modifications to cure design faults on it. Including TIP147 failures.

         Prosistel PST61 rotator failure, and welding repairs.

         My 50ohm coaxial 50ohm load. Great for those 'off air' tests

         The GI7b Triode - Specifications.

         50Mhz EME QSLs

         Commercial 50mhz amplifiers Just what is available for us amateurs on the 6m band

         Moon set limitations, looking west.

         My Favourite DX cluster links

         A windy day at IO74QD with the 6m11JKV

         Some contacts that I've found difficult to confirm with a QSL 

         Map of the World, squares worked (6m - 50mhz) last updated January 2016.

         Map of the World, squares worked (4m - 70mhz) last updated January 2016.

         6M11JKV pdf manual

         The Northern Lights Contest Group, MD6V, MD4K, etc. 

         Scatter on 50mhz - Audio file of DF9OX, have a listen.








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