The Altronic 9715E3 water cooled 50ohm Load

The Altronic 50 ohm coaxial load shown here is a water cooled device that I picked up some time ago.
(the $/ rate was favourable at the time)

I am convinced that this load will last me for ever, and I'll no longer need worry about off air tests when running up a new or existing amplifier.

The RF input is the 3 & 1/8 coaxial connection at the top of the load. In this picture I have an adapter that is fitted with the 7/16 socket that can just be seen at the top.

The water inlet is the bottom  connection (covered by the blue plastic cap) The water outlet is the connection facing outwards, or, towards you just below the yellow warning sign)

It's simple enough; Water flow has to be confirmed, then use the load as you would any other load.

I've no need to get anywhere near the rated RF capacity, and so I use normal tap water 'from the tap, to drain' gives me a good enough flow rate.

Please note: Tap water where I live is 'soft' and low in impurities compared to that say or London, or Manchester.





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