Rod ZL3NW.

Here is a screen shot of what I received from Rod, ZL3NW. Looking at what I received from Rod this should have been an easy QSO (if you can call EME easy!!)

This batch of skeds with Rod were behest with problems my side, with an amplifier failure (twice!) and rain static, these skeds proved to be a real pain for me, due to frustration as I had a good copy on Rod, yet if it wasn't mother nature with the rain, it was Murphys luck with equipment failing!

Thankfully Rod stuck with me through these problems and we completed an EME QSO on the 16th of April, 2005.









The next screen shot you can see that i've received Rods RO without problem, and I'm sending RRRs in reply, that Rod received no problem. You can see Rods RO in the compact view of Spectran


The distance between Rod and myself is 18796km, and is the 2nd furthest distance on 6m for EME, with Ian M0BCG leading the table. Have a look here:
region 1 EME distance record.










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