Johan, ON4IQ.


This is a real interesting JT65 EME QSO. Interesting as it appears not to be EME !!

By looking at what is presented in the window on the right, both sets of calls can be seen, followed by a report then a 73. Nothing wrong with that you may ask, but users of WSJT will have also noticed that on the calls line, the DT is only 0.5 and that is to small for a signal from the moon.

But, on the red line it is very obvious that there is TWO signals being received, a strong one, and a weaker one (the one on the left)

It is my opinion that the strong signal is the direct signal, and the one WSJT decoded, and the weaker signal is the EME signal.










To try and confirm my theory, here is a shot of Johans signal via SpecJT, the direct signal can be seen as the strong, clear trend, but a weaker echo off the moon is also visible on the left, this would tie in the a doplar of -47 above.

There's another shot below:








On this shot it is very clear that the RO report, and the 73 (top half on the shot) has an EME echo, shifted to the left with the -47 doplar as mentioned above.

Another JT65a EME QSO complete.








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