Robert, KR7O.




Robert and i have tried a few skeds prior to this one, each time without success, mainly due to amplifier, equipment, or some such failure, or even the WX on the island. This time (Sunday 26th June, 2005) we managed to complete. There's a nice clear set of callsigns and reports from Robert at 07:22 and 07:26, these resulted in my sending an RO report back.

Mind you, i should note that our sked on the previous day failed, this was down to an error on my part, i had WSJT software 'looking' at the MIC input on the soundcard, yet the 'line in' was the connection i'd used, DOH!!











At 07:34 i received a good, strong set of RRRs from Robert and the sked was complete. The next period from Robert at 07:36 had a 73 in it, a nice touch!












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