Dennis, K7BV.





Here's my planned sked for this particular morning with Dennis K7BV. With my moon at +13 degrees, Dennis came through quite quickly with both calls and grid square being copied here. As a result I started sending calls with report of OOO.

I'm not sure what happened next, either Faraday rotation, or the moon was out of my 2nd lobe on my antenna, but.. have a look at the next shot below








 As can be seen here, i'd been sending OOO report for what seemed ike ages without getting anything back from Dennis. mean while Dennis was copying my signals quite well off the moon. It took until 0328utc before either the faraday changed, or Dennis dropped into my 1st lobe on the antenna, as can be seen by the RO report. The sked was quickly finished off by Dennis receiving my RRR's

Another good 6m EME QSO!












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