Akira, JM1SZY.



A good shot of Akiras signal off the moon, showing a sync of just 2 at -23db and a DT of 4.0 indicating there's a suitable time delay that's normal with an EME signal. having got full calls from Akira, my next period I sent calls and report, Akira got that OK and sent RO report, I replied with RRRs, a good screen dump of the this can be seen below on the Spectran programme.











In this shot you can see that I've just sent Akira a period of RRRs, (the brighter zigzag in the lower half of the bottom window, the screen scrolls downwards) Akiras signal can just been seen above mine, weaker as it's the EME signal off the moon. The narrower zigzag is clearly still and RO, so that time Akira didn't get my RRRs. Fortunately we completed this QSO shortly afterwards.






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