Ken, G4IGO



Here's quite an interesting shot of an EME QSO with Ken, G4IGO. Proximity between us meant that we could hear each other direct, and decoding the EME signal wasn't easy.

But with advice from Ken, and some very narrow software filtering, his EME signal was found, and decoded.

By looking at the first line of decoded text, it can be seen that this was direct, the DT being 0.0, where as an EME signal should have a delay of circa 2.5 seconds. I adjusted the filtering and decoded the received text again, (thus the same time stamp) and there is was, complete with a DT of 2.7 seconds.







Here's a SpecJT trace of Kens signal, both direct, and the EME echo. A good and strong direct signal can be seen, the echo is the fainter trace on the left. The smudge of whit on the right half way up the trace is a meteor scatter reflection of the direct signal, or, as it's more commonly known as An MS burst!








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