Ants, ES6RQ.


This has to be one of the quickest EME QSOs around, Ants asked for a quick sked after I completed with Kevin, NL7Z, my moon (as can be seen) is at 6.7 degrees up, and at 59.8 degrees azimuth, a good position for ground gain.

I had just sent Ants a set of calls and report as I'd already received both calls and grid from him. If you look at the compact view of Spectran, just as I went back to receive, my own echo can clearly be seen.










Ants must have had a good copy on my calls and report, and in the next period he sent an RO report, with a sync of 10 at
-19db, all that was needed was my RRRs back to Ants.

Another JT65a EME QSO complete.















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