Warwick, E51WL.

This was in a sked on 6m with Warwick, E51WL on the 3rd of September 2016 , Signals (trace on waterfall) were weak to say the least.

Anyway, i eventually got this:-

184400 0 -30 2.5 38 3 # GD0TEP E51WL BI00 O ? 0 3

I was delighted and quickly responded with RO, yet as i was TXing i realised that i hadn't actually received the normal OOO report.

So, trying to keep things right from my side, the next TX period i send 'calls & report' Now, this caused considerable confusion to other people who were following the sked, and, were perhaps getting Warwick better than i was.  Fortunately, Warwick was on the ball and responded with RO, that i copied, and then he got my RRR. I'm very happy that the QSO is complete, and good.

But, this is the first time I've had a decode like this. I suspect that Warwick was actually sending OOO, i just didn't get it here, so.

Not the easiest of contacts. But another good one :-)




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